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Menlo Atherton Grizzlies

Please join us for Summer & Fall Ball 2014.  Please Come out for Fall Evals for our Spring Teams & Registration for Spring Season 2015 will begin in November. Go Griz!

Spring 2015 Season Planned Teams:

Boys Teams             Girls Teams
                   U9 - U15
               U9 - U15                   

Griz Kidz - Boys & Girls Age 5 & 6 new to lacrosse
Griz Cubz - Boys & Girls Age 6/7 with experience

Age cut offs as of 8/31 of the current year for the upcoming Spring Season

  • Grizzlies Summer Ball June - August
    • Registration begins in April/May - runs Tuesday evenings June - August
  • Grizzlies Fall Ball September - November
    • Registration begins in August - runs Sunday afternoons Sept to Nov (except GU15 will be Saturday in 2014)
  • Grizzlies Spring Season Feb - May
    • Please come out for Fall Evals for our Spring 2015 Teams - U11/U13/U15 Teams will all have evals prior to Registration for 2015 season will begin in November.

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Grizzlies Fall Ball will be held Sunday afternoons from  Sept 28 through November 16 


  • Open to Boys 5 - 15 & Girls ages 5 - 15
  • Open to Grizzlies as well as any other local area clubs and players
  • Griz Kids & Cubz Program for Ages 5 & 6


Locations:  Boys & Griz Kidz: M-A High School 555 Middlefield Road

                   Girls U9 - U13: 10/19 - 11/16 Menlo-Atherton High School 555 Middlefield Road 


Griz Kidz & Cubz 2 - 3 HPP

GU9 - GU13 2:30 - 4 La Entrada

GU15 - NOTE: Saturdays 2 - 3:30 Sequoia High School

BU9  2 - 3:30

BU11 2:30 - 4

BU13 & BU15 3:30 - 5 


Evaluation Dates

Girls U11 - U13 10/19, 11/9 & 11/16

Boys BU11 - BU15 10/26, 11/9 & 11/16

Girls U15 11/1 & 11/15




  • Coach Bond & Coach Mittlemann will have a great staff of fun coaches out to work with the players


  • 1 hour of skills and 30 minutes scrimmage
  • It is permitted for a player to play fall lacrosse in a different age group then he/she would otherwise play in the spring.  For example, players who are new to the sport may "play down" to a younger age group, and returning, skilled players may "play up" to an older age group 

On-line Registration

  • Please register for the group you will be playing in for the upcoming Spring Season.
  • Fall Ball Registration is $195 and $125 for Griz Kidz 

Contact us for any questions 


M-A Grizzlies New Process for Team Formations this coming Fall/Spring Season


 For the 2015 season, U11-U15 players will be placed on teams based on skill, attitude, sportsmanship, and commitment level. U9 teams will continue to be grouped as equally skilled teams.  Our hope is to provide the best possible experience and environment for each player to develop their individual skills and team-oriented play at an appropriate rate. Rest assured, every team at each age and skill level will continue to receive the focused attention and high standard of teaching that we pride ourselves on as a program and that you've come to expect. This is not a situation where players with less experience will be relegated to an environment with sub-par teaching and attention but rather a way to group players to ensure the best possible experience and appropriate level of teaching.


For more experienced players, this new method of forming teams will give them an opportunity to be challenged and grow while playing against other advanced teams in the NCJLA "A" division. We are not certain we will have a team at the "A" level at every age group, but we will assess the team makeup to place them in the appropriate level.  For less experienced players, this will give them an opportunity to compete against NCJLA teams of equal experience while focusing on teaching and development.  Our expectation is that we will have U11-15 teams competing in "A," "B," or "C" levels in the NCJLA next spring depending on the makeup of the players.


With this in mind, we will have 3 Evaluation Days during the Fall Ball season. While the Grizzlies Fall Ball program is optional (i.e. not a mandatory condition to joining a 2015 Spring team), we highly encourage all prospective 2015 players to attend as many as possible, to be evaluated for a spot on a spring team.  The more days your child can attend the better the coaches will be able to assess him/her.  The dates are Nov 2, 9, 16. We will have Grizzlies coaches and outside evaluators working with the kids on these days and players will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


1.     Individual lacrosse skills

2.     Understanding of team play and "Lacrosse IQ"

3.     Attitude and sportsmanship

4.     Commitment, effort, and willingness to learn


Finally, we're very supportive of young athletes who play multiple sports. If Fall Ball conflicts with other sports and your child is unable to regularly attend all sessions, we highly encourage each player to spend 30 minutes, 3 days a week working on their sticks skills by passing with a friend or doing Wall Ball. Personally, I can't stress this enough. High School and college coaches mandate wall ball sessions for their players with good reason! Wall ball is the single best way to improve skills at every level.


Below are some Q&A that may help clarify, if you have any questions about this new process for selecting teams, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks!


Matt Bond

Managing Director



Q.  What if my player has never played before?


Then Fall Ball is a great place to jump in! You're not alone as many players come out for the first time in the fall. The evaluation is intended to place players on the right skill level team for an optimal learning experience.  There are also some off-season options for them to get up to speed.  See our site for Off-Season playing options.


Q.  If I can make only 1 of the 3 Evaluation Days will I still be evaluated and guaranteed a spot?


Please make every effort to attend as many of the evaluation days as possible. We understand that there may be scheduling conflicts, which is why we're offering 3 evaluation days. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee spots to everyone, which is why we need to institute evaluations. 


Q.  I missed all 3 evaluation dates and it is January/February will I be able to join a team?


Players that attend the evaluations will be given priority in registration but there may still be roster spots available in January/February. If this is the case, we will evaluate players who missed fall evaluations sessions at the beginning of the spring season for team placement if we have available spots.


Q. My child is injured, but should be ready in the spring - what do I do?


Same response as above.


Q.  I have been a loyal Grizzlie for the past 3 years; will my child be guaranteed a spot?  Will we be given a priority over new players?


If you have been a Grizzlie for 1 or more seasons we hope to be able to offer a spot on the appropriately skilled team.  We are still hiring coaches and that is a limiting factor for us in the number of teams we will be able to offer.  Please keep our pipeline of coaches going and any coach or potential lacrosse person in the area mention our club's need for more coaches.


Q.  Do returning players need to be evaluated?




Q.  What is your refund policy?


We will follow the NCJLA refund policy, which is between November 1 and Nov 30 - full refund less $25 processing fee.  Between Dec 1 and Dec 15th 1/2 of fee refunded After Dec. 15 - no fee refunded.  


Q.  What Teams do you plan to have Spring 2014?


Boys - U9,U11,U13 & U15

Girls - U9, U11, U13 & U15


Registration is now OPEN for:

Fall Ball Full Series (includes all 3 Evaluation Days) - $195

Fall Ball Evaluation Days only - $60 for all 3

Fall Ball Griz Kidz - $125



Other Great Options this Fall:

Six Fifty Lacrosse - Travel Teams, Classes, Small Group & Indoor Programs


by posted 07/28/2014
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